Friday, November 7, 2008

I heart my New G1

I have to start by saying I gave David SO much crap about this phone, but it was the WAY he did it, not THAT he did it.

He has wanted this phone for ages, since his little geek world heard about them years ago, he's been telling me about this phone. Finally, the day arrived where he could pre-order, and he sat there with his finger on the order button, refreshing the page because the Tmobile website was so bogged down. Then he calls me several days before the phone comes in, mad cause he saw someone else with one before he got his phone, how could that happen? But he finally gets his new toy, and wouldn't you know, his work gives them all new phones too, internet phones (Blackjacks or something like that) and he doesn't need two internet phones, so I get the Google phone!

But one night he just stuck my Sim card in and hands it to me as I'm rushing out the door the next day, and I swear you nearly need a technical degree to figure out how to use this thing. So I was pretty unhappy that for a few days I couldn't even figure out how to make a call, or answer the phone, because it was on vibrate and I didn't know how to change that.

But let me just say, I have it figured out now!! It has the coolest features! One of my favorites, if you're driving down the road and you hear a song on the radio, and you think, "Hmm, who sings that, or what CD is that on?" You grab your phone, hit the Shazam button, it analyzes the music, pulls up the song, CD, artist info, and with one tap of your finger you can buy the MP3 on Amazon, watch the song video on YouTube, or go to the artist's MySpace page.

Another neat feature, say you're shopping for a toy for your kid, since I do that often! But, what if this toy breaks a lot, or you're not sure if it's cheaper over at Wal-Mart instead of here at Toys R Us? No problem, turn on the barcode scanner, scan the barcode, it will show you the prices of the item in stores nearest you, the cheapest price online, and all the reviews, so you can make an educated purchase.

There are a million games, and the kids are always wanting to play games on it, since it has an accelerometer built in, you tilt the phone to make the ball move, or your guy move, depending on the game.

And there are tons more games and other applications, like being able to check my email anywhere, and my calendar (a must), Netflix from my phone so I can update my queue on the go (comes in handy, since I'm always on the go!) And it's also a music player, and David is updating me to an 8 gig memory card, so I can get more fun things!!

So, thanks honey! I know I gave you crap at first, but now, you know, I couldn't live without it.

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Scott said...

Just got mine.. Love it, love it, love it. Perfect keyboard for my hands.. apps etc. This is a stupid cool phone..