Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Riley is Double Digits!

I can't believe my boy is 10! Wow, how time flies. This weekend we did our traditional family meal at Saltgrass, his favorite. But last night I made some skull cupcakes for his class and brought them to school today (had to fight the high school kids off them):

and his teacher had him make a special "front page" of a newspaper and made him "Student of the Week." The neat thing is, he spent quite a bit of time working on it, and all on his own, there was a section that asked about his hero, and I had to take a picture because I thought it was so special:You can click on it to see a larger picture, but in case you can't read it, it says, "Meet my Hero: jesus. my hero is jesus cause if he wasn't ever alive then we wouldn't be here right now and he helped me and my family. And if we didn't believe in jesus then life would be a lot tougher. The End." And he drew a picture of himself, believing in Jesus. I'm just glad that he picked Jesus as his hero on his own, and he recognizes that life is tougher without Him on our side!

And then his friends decided to have a little fun with him:

And then after school we went to La Madeline for dinner where surprisingly enough Riley ate every bite (that's a new thing for him lately, a healthy appetite) and he informed us at dinner, "10 years ago today I was ingested!" I don't think he quiet has a handle on the birds and the bees, but I'm in no rush, keep him innocent as long as possible, right?

Then we rushed to the outlet mall and got him some new Etnies (shoes) that he's been wanting, and made it just in time for church. A busy birthday, but a fun one, and a happy and content boy.

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