Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Happiest Day of My Life"

That's what I heard Regan telling Riley yesterday. Along with, "You are the BEST.MOM.EVER!" and "I love you so much mom, you're the BEST!"

So, what did I do to earn such high praise? Schedule a trip to Disney World, take them to Schlitterbahn, let them play every game at Chuck E. Cheese? No, I bought them a one month membership to Club Penguin. This is like, the hottest thing going for the under-12 set these days. They can play for free, but for whatever reason, if you're a member, you get more perks, and they've wanted to be a member for a long time. I broke down and figured paying for a month will at least give me a little peace and quiet this summer.

They were both jumping up and down, squealing like a pig under a gate, so excited. You would have thought Christmas came early in our house. It doesn't take much to amuse them I guess. And of course, the dad genes broke through and they've played for two days, practically non-stop. This is the first time I've been on my computer since then, and I've got Regan breathing down my neck.

So, if you need to score some brownie points with your kids, I highly suggest a membership to Club Penguin. It's cheap. And it's worth every penny.

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