Saturday, June 6, 2009

Regan's Rock Star Sleepover Party

The last of the girls are now gone, nothing left but the carnage. Not too much really, we all had a great time celebrating Regan's 7th Birthday. She wanted a Rock Star party, a la Hannah Montana, so I made a guitar cake (she wanted it to be pink and purple) and she had a few friends over to spend the night and we made our own pizza's out of English Muffins, and Silly Stringed the back yard (Regan calls it "haunting" the yard), played Rock Band 2, and had make-overs. I did their nails and make-up and we had extra Mardi Gras beads, funky hats and sunglasses, leis, feather boas, all kinds of things to dress up and be silly.
Then we ate the cake, opened presents, rolled out the sleeping bags and watched Bolt, and then Space Chimps until around 2am. I slept on the couch to make sure we didn't have any nighttime shenanigans, and so that meant I didn't sleep well, and stayed up till they were all asleep, and woke up with the first girl at 7am. So today I'm beat and hoping to get a nap in!
But Regan had a great time, got lots of Hannah Montana stuff, and a gift certificate for a manicure (a professional one!) which she loves having, and she had so much fun with her friends. Riley seems to always have a friend over, so it was good for her to have time with her friends (we pawned Riley off on a friend too, so he wouldn't be messing with the girls all night, you know he would!) Now, off to my nap...

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