Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Enough For Ya?

It's been a meltingly hot 103 degrees lately. The only thing to do is live in the pool, or stay indoors. Not even indoors at my house since David thinks 80 is frigid.

On Monday the kids went to the church's new camp in Burnet for Wet N Wild day, they had a blast, and came home exhausted, took a 30 minute nap in time for gymnastics, but after that, they were plum worn out! After Regan's shower, she wanted me to braid her hair so it would be curly the next day, and it turned out so cute, she now wants a perm so it will be like this "forever"! Not sure if I'm ready for that though.

Tuesday we were gonna meet some friends at our neighborhood pool, but it was mysteriously closed again. So we headed off to Walnut Creek Pool so they could utilize the diving board. I got a couple of pictures of the kids jumping off before my feet melted on the concrete.

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