Friday, June 26, 2009

Sydney Alexis Shenkin

We'd been waiting by the phone all day, Sydney was due to arrive sometime today. Melissa was induced first thing this morning, and Alex called to update us several times, it was a long, slow process. Finally, we headed up there at 4:30, only to leave close to 7:00 to get Riley from gymnastics, and get dinner, and sure enough, Sydney made her debut at 7:09, weighing in at a tiny 6 lbs 10 oz. She has a lot of hair, the cute cone-head, and tiny, perfect features. And that new-baby smell! She is adorable! And you can tell we are all already in love:

The proud big brother and the tired Mama!

"Big Brother" Riley (who just can't WAIT to change a poopy!)

"Big Sis" Regan already wants to play dress-the-baby-doll!

Even Uncle David got in on the snuggles!

And proud (and emotional) Papa Alex:

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