Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

We went back and forth this year about having a "party" at our house. First we were, then we weren't. David couldn't make up his mind. Finally, Alex decided that we HAD to do a prime rib again like last year, so he and David hit the stores last minute and found a prime rib, and David made some of the creamiest mashed potatoes ever, and I made my very first homemade macaroni and cheese. Then we had Alex and the kids over, our friend Andy, and Tammy and her kids who came to take Regan home with them for 2 days. So it was a small get-together, but the prime rib was SO good, and David of course made me take pictures of all his food.

That morning David made us a ham and cheese fritatta, and the best cinnamon rolls ever, with hazlenuts and a marscapone cheese icing, they were so yummy! He's becoming quite the little bread-maker! Regan wanted me to use my new flat iron and fix her hair up, so she did a mini-modeling session for me. And then after dinner, Tammy left with Regan, Alex decided to take Riley with him, and all of a sudden David and I were standing around a clean house with no kids, so we took off for the late movie! Stayed up super late listening to jazz, enjoying the quiet and his homemade drinking chocolate!

We got to sleep in the next morning, enjoy Juan in a Million breakfast tacos, take a long, un-interrupted nap, enjoy a quiet dinner at Mandola's, grab dessert to take home, and by then of course, Riley was missing us too bad, so we picked him up on our way home and shared our dessert with him and played cards together. It was a pretty great start to the New Year.

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