Sunday, January 17, 2010

Star Center Meet

Today was Riley's first gymnastics meet for the traveling team. Thankfully it was in Austin so we didn't have to travel far! He has some coming up in other cities, so it was nice to get our feet wet here in town so to speak. He did really well. You could tell he was nervous, and there were a LOT of boys there. The age break down was 9 year olds, 10-11 year olds, and 12 and up. Some of the 9 year olds looked about 6 or 7, and some of those 11 year olds looked 16! The never ending gymnast-age issue. Anyway, he started on floor, slipped and lost his footing (almost everyone did, which makes me wonder what was up with their floor) but anyway, he won bronze on pommel horse, but I thought his best was parallel bars and rings. It was good to get the first meet out of the way and now he knows what to expect at the next one. Dave video taped so I'm sure we will have it on DVD for anyone who wants to see it. Until then, enjoy:

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