Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Noble What?

Regan was playing with our dog Bailey, and having him follow her around at her heels, he's actually pretty good at that. Especially with her because she's usually the one walking around spilling food, so he's learned where to get a tasty morsel. But we heard her calling him, saying, "Bailey, you are my Noble Steve!" Riley said, "What?" She kept saying, "You know, Bailey, he's a noble Steve!" And we tried so hard not to laugh but she really meant Noble Steed. It was pretty cute.

And today she got all mad at us for something we said (or maybe we looked at her wrong, with her, who knows) and she informs us, "Don't make me mad, or I will get all puffed up!" And then of course, we cracked up and that just made her more mad, and I said, "Sorry Boo, but 'puffed up'?" And she says, "NO! I said Huffed up!" So don't make her mad or she'll blow your house down!

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