Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watoto Children's Choir

Our church was blessed to have the Watoto Children's Choir come and perform for all 4 services this weekend! These kids were amazing. They are from Uganda, and most of them are orphans due to HIV/AIDS. They sang, danced and shared their incredible testimonies. Our friend Alex signed up to be a host family so he had the pleasure of hosting 2 boys, Paul who is 8 and Vincent, 11 and "Uncle" Nicholas. We met them and Riley got to spend some time with them on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, we went to the first service, Riley came in and watched with us, and he wanted to stay the whole day! We went back to the evening service to bring Regan since she was still at her friend's house and didn't get to see them.

Both my kids are ready to adopt! They thought we could just pick one of the kids from the choir and bring them home with us. Regan especially liked a little girl, Brenda, who was 7 and had no front teeth. She just knew she and Brenda would make the best sisters! And Riley was upset when he found out that Paul and Vincent couldn't just move right in and be his new brothers. I love that my kids care so much about others and wouldn't hesitate a second to open our home to people in need.

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