Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Reason to Remember

Georgetown Park

There's a holocaust exhibit at the Georgetown Public Library and we met up with a home school group for a docent led tour of the exhibit. It was very moving, and the kids really enjoyed it. We first watched a short film, focusing on a very small town in Germany, and the 5 Jewish families in that town. We followed them to the camp, and saw what happened to each member of each family, and whether or not they survived, and if so, how they survived. They had surviving members on the film talking about their life, how they were persecuted, and how they managed to escape and come to America, and were sometimes still picked on here for being "different". We learned a lot about tolerance, and the importance of speaking up for people, not just turning a blind eye when someone is being picked on or bullied. I think the kids learned a lot from the exhibit.

The docent who led our tour was fabulous! He used to teach 5/6th grade history, and had a lot of family that survived the holocaust, so he had a lot of personal stories about it, and knew how to get right on Riley's level and talk to him. Plus, there were only 5 of us in our group, so it was a very personal experience.

And after the exhibit, we grabbed lunch and headed to one of our favorite parks, the castle park, where Riley tried to be Spiderman, and then pretended he was on a Ninja Warrior show, and Regan made her self sick spinning in the tire swing.

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