Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camp Texlake!

It's hot but we're here!

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So I got Regan settled in to her camp. This is her first time away for so long, and over her birthday too! She isn't as upset about that as I am! She's going to have so much fun though. I packed her a few things for presents, a pack of bracelets she can share with her bunk mates, a deck of cards they can play together before lights out, and a stationery set so she can write me some letters (yeah, right!). She was so excited to be there, and barely gave me a good-bye. I even wrote her a letter for each day that she's going to be there, and left them with the camp to be given to her on certain days! I miss her already, it's so quiet while she's gone (but it's also the reason I'm able to update my blog right now!)

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