Friday, June 18, 2010

She's BaaaAAACK!!

I was so torn, I really wanted to bring Princess to pick up Regan and surprise her in the car, but I was afraid that Princess wouldn't appreciate the long and winding road to Camp Texlake! So, I left her at home, and we stopped by Tammy's house and got to play with the bunnies, chickens and goats, and our human friends too! Then headed home, I could hardly keep my mouth shut, I just knew she was going to be so excited. And she was! She opened the front door, saw Princess running around and she just started squealing. She was so happy, and Princess was such a good dog for letting Regan cart her around for the rest of the day! She even slept on the foot of Regan's bed and anytime one of us would step in the hallway she would sit up and growl. She's the sweetest dog and Regan has said over and over again that this is the best birthday ever.

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