Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet Princess

This was kind of bad timing, but we have been planning to get Regan a dog for a while now. She really wanted a small dog that would sleep with her and be her best friend. We didn't really know what breed to look at or anything, but thought we would keep our eyes open. Well, we got an email that a breeder of Pomeranians was having some health issues and needed to get rid of her dogs, and was giving them away for free to good homes. Well, I called, headed out to Elgin today to look at them, and ended up getting this little cutie for Regan. Her name is Princess, she's not quite 2 years old, and she's the sweetest thing. Regan is going to have a HUGE birthday surprise when she gets home from camp, I can't wait!

And this is what Monte thinks about the new dog:

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