Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

We've been pretty darn busy the last few weeks. I haven't had a chance to even get the pictures off my camera. But I have some down time now and thought about going back and posting each thing that happened, and ugh, I'll never catch up that way, so I'm just making one big post about everything that's been going on, so here ya go!

First, I'll start on a sad note. Our dog Bailey has been not feeling great lately, first it started with a droopy lip, and a few weeks later, we noticed his eye was a little droopy also. Then his head seemed flat on that side and he was having some issues falling down the stairs, or being very unsteady. I took him to the vet and they said it is more than likely a brain tumor (although for $1,000.00 I can take him in for an MRI to be sure) but that's about the only thing that would cause his symptoms. So we put him on prednisone to see if it would help his symptoms and for a while it has. But I think the end is near. He loses his breath quite easily now and he is always huffing and puffing, even while just laying down. His balance is better, but he's still having a hard time getting up after laying down. Poor thing, he's such a sweet dog (even the cat thinks so!):

Then for Memorial Day, we had a pool party, and had Melissa and Sydney and Andy come over and swim. It was nice in the pool and we had a good time just floating and watching Sydney enjoy the water and her super cool new pool floaty:

Then the kids had Vacation Bible School, of which they only ended up doing two days. One day was a friend's birthday party at Austin's Park and Pizza, where I took pictures of Riley doing hardcore Parkour while we waited:

And this because it was cute, David was on the way home from work and he saw a turtle trying to hurry up and cross the road. He stopped and moved it to the side, came home and was telling me about it, and then realized he should be even farther off the main road, so we jumped in his car, went back up there, grabbed the turtle, and relocated him to the greenbelt area next to our house. They've been clearing out the trees over there and with all the rain we had last week, there's a nice little pond over there. Bailey didn't really take to the turtle, but I think the turtle ended up liking his new home!

And this just because it made me laugh. Riley wearing his Rey Mysterio mask, rocking out on the guitar while Kenzie played DJ Hero. He's too funny!

Well, that brings us up to date in pictures!

But, I also have a waterproof camera to get developed so I can share those! Chris and Trista came down from Jacksonville and wanted to go tubing, so one thing leads to another, we end up with a group of 12 people! Kenzie came for the weekend, Joe and his son Mark, and nephew Tiler, David's old friend Gary (not that Gary is old, just that they've known each other since high school practically) and then me and the kids. We had 2 packed cars and we spent all day Saturday tubing down the Guadalupe River.

The water was almost too cold to be fun, with all the flooding that New Braunfels had last week, we weren't sure we would even make it, but they opened the river back up the day before, but it seemed low, and I have bruises on my body to prove it, as I managed to find every rock just under the surface of the water with my hip bone!

The kids enjoyed it, especially since David came for the first time ever! Riley likes the Comal River better, tamer and in his words, "not as many drunk people!" But it was fun, and can't wait to do it again!

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