Monday, April 11, 2011

Camp Texlake

Camp Texlake

We went to Camp Texlake for our service unit camp out. The girls were so excited and we had planned long and hard for this trip. This one, we had to plan, bring and cook all our own meals, use a mess kit and wash and hang it up after each meal. So, it was a stressful trip for us adults.

We loaded up the vehicles and headed out on Friday afternoon, stopped at Angel's for a burger along the way (to avoid Friday night's dinner dishes!) and then got checked in and went for songs and swaps at the singing trees. Then it was shower time and bunk time, which surprisingly was easier than I expected. We had a long hallway with 6 rooms, each with 4 beds, so I think that helped, having 3 girls and one adult in each room, cut out the flashlights, trips to the bathroom and general giggling that these 8 and 9 year olds are prone to.

Then first thing Saturday morning was a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs and biscuits cooked in the box oven over charcoal. Worked well, if a little slow at first. The girls were running late to their first event, kayaking, so Krista and I stayed behind to wash up and get lunch organized.

We met up with them at the screen printing, they all got to print a clown design on a canvas bag and do some crafts. Then we headed back to the bunks for lunch, grilled hot dogs and fruit, and pudding with dirt and worms!

Then it was balloon animals, which was very frustrating for the girls, they must have been cheap balloons or something because they just kept popping right when they got close to being done with their shape. Regan was getting to the end of her rope and was NOT having a good day at that point! It was so hot already and every activity was at the opposite end of the camp!

Then it was fishing time. We were excited about it, but dreading the walk all the same. But, we got down to the dock, the grown ups stuck our feet in the coooold water and it felt SO good!! I was surprised but our troop caught something like 17 or 18 fish among the girls. Regan caught 2 herself! She would have made her Papa Leo proud! She was so happy when she reeled those babies in. We released them all, but they really enjoyed it.

Then, it was back to camp for dinner time, we had the girls make their own pizzas on English muffins with sauce, and an assortment of toppings, and then cooked them in the box oven. Dessert was a banana boat, a foil packet with half a banana, topped with marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then we had a talent show, complete with a clown from the Shriner's Circus, who was pretty good!

Then it was showers and bedtime again and then in the morning we packed up and went to the closing flag ceremony, loaded our vehicles and then got to work cleaning the bunks. Each girl got a job and they did pretty well. We got home so tired, dirty and exhausted! But, they had a good time, and I realized I really am getting to old for this camp business. The things we do for our kids!!

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