Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Serving the Police Department

Today's Serve Project is the City of Round Rock. We set up, cooked, and fed over 120 police, Firemen, SWAT, EMT and Animal Control officers today! We had grilled ribs, chicken, sausage, burgers, potato salad, chips and water. Riley was on potato salad scooping detail and Regan got to hand out bottles of ice cold water (thus the need to double up on the gloves).

They were SO appreciative. The assistant police chief goes to our church, as well as the fire chief, so I think they really enjoyed having their home church out there serving in such a big way. And it was nice to thank the ones who do so much for our community.

And as a thank you to US, the firemen gave the kids a tour of the truck, letting them sit on the seat, wear the headset, they showed them their tools, even the jaws of life, explaining how they all worked. The kids loved that part!

And here's a picture of Regan mad at me because I wouldn't let her have another piece of chicken :)

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