Monday, April 18, 2011

Serving at the Lodge

We spent this morning serving at an Alzheimer's Assisted Living center in Georgetown. First, it was much nicer than I was expecting. It looked like a home, a large home, with each person's room like a suite. We started off in the activity center and the kids played some games with the people, Riley played Yahtzee most of the morning with a group, and Regan did some arts and crafts and some puzzles with a couple of little ladies.

I went down the hall and met some of the residents who were still in their rooms. I met the cutest little man named Jim, he talked my ear off! He was so sweet, and a real lady-killer. He was a big time flirt and just cracked me up. I couldn't figure out why he was there until he asked Regan what her name was for about the 3rd time. And each time we said, "Regan" he would say, "Oh! Like Ronald Reagan?! Great guy, great guy." When Riley met him, he told Riley he was in the Air Force too (which is Riley's current obsession) and he told him about how he traveled the world and lived in China and India flying for the Air Force. He was the nicest man!

Then we visited a little man named Jim. Turns out Jim was 100 years old! The kids got a huge kick out of that. He was resting but he wanted to visit for a bit. I think at 100 years old, he deserved a rest! He had the world's largest harmonica next to him, so he played us a little song (Shoe Fly Shoe or whatever the name is) and the kids loved it.

Then we went back to the activity center, I looked at a photo album of a man named Bud who didn't recognize the pictures in his album, of his family and his dog, and he was getting agitated trying to remember who everyone was. We just spent time talking, and walking and just loving on these little precious people.

I think Riley was kind of freaked out at the beginning by some of them crying out, but it didn't seem to bother Regan, she loved talking to them, and was certainly loud enough for them to hear her! Riley on the other hand, had to repeat himself a lot. But they told me they really enjoyed going and want to go back to visit our new friends.

I did take a few pictures, but can't post them due to HIPPA laws or something, but this was one of our favorite serve projects so far! I do think we will have to go back soon.

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