Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Begins...

Easter is HUGE at our church. We love it! But because we have so many people, David and I serve A LOT over holidays, which I don't mind at all, but it makes the logistics of family get togethers a little difficult. But, this year, it was gonna be pretty low key anyway, so David and I decided to attend the first Easter service at church, on Friday evening, and then serve the rest. Or most of the rest.

Which is how we ended up at the Domain at 11pm on Friday night! We went to church, brought a slew of neighborhood kids with us for the helicopter candy drop, and then brought them all home, and then headed out to eat. We had a coupon for Maggiano's, which was a little fancier than our kids were used to, but I think they really liked it. They got ice water in their "wine" glasses that were on the table, and they thought that was the coolest. They would take a sip, then clink glasses and say "cheers" and take another sip. I think they drank more water in that dinner than they do in a whole day! Have to get some wine glasses for the house!

Then they wanted to walk around the Domain. It was a nice night, so we took our time walking around, it's a new section so we hadn't been there before, and they had things for kids to play on along the way. One section was a little sunken area to kick a ball around, there was a giant turtle to climb, and then the favorite, the dancing water fountains.

The kids LOVED it. It's the simple things really. David at first was saying don't get wet cause he didn't want wet kids in his car, but I loosened him up before we left, and we went home with two soaking wet, very happy kids! Riley said this was the best night ever. All over a little water fountain! It was so cute to see them playing well together, dodging the water, and missing, and hearing them laugh about each other getting shot in the face with a stream of water. It was a nice, relaxing evening, to gear us up for our busy weekend to come!

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