Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Big Break

It's been a long night. We went to Mimi and Papa's for dinner and game night and we brought Hunter to play in their massive backyard while Riley was riding his bike on the nearby bike track. Regan was out back with Hunter, they were running around the yard, playing chase. At one point, Regan went to run down the stairs and tripped and fell down the rock garden steps. I was right behind her so I saw her go down, and ran to help her up but before I could get there she stood up screaming bloody murder. She held her good arm up, and it was very obviously broken. It was hanging down, and not in a place where it should be hanging down from.

She was screaming and saying she was sorry and David just grabbed her and we ran to the truck and took her to the nearest hospital which was North Austin Medical Center. We got right back and then had to sit. Forever. They came in and took x-rays but wouldn't give her any pain medicine until they knew if she would need surgery or anything, it had to be done on an empty stomach. So we waited and waited only to find out they wanted to transfer us to Dell Children's.

Then we waited some more for them to clean up her knees that got all banged up again, and for them to splint her for transport, and for our discharge papers. A guy comes in that looks like one of her Kids Church pastors, Mr. Edwin, and she liked that. They finally did give her a pill for the pain, and one for nausea, and he put a splint on her arm and she was happy finally. We were there for over 3 hours before we left for Dell.

Got to Dell, and it was super crowded, but thankfully they got us back right away. Then it was another hurry up and wait. They got the x-rays and wanted to make sure they got all the angles they needed, they wanted her other orthopedic doctor to check them and see if she needed surgery or if they could just set it or what. So finally someone named Saturday came from the ortho's office and we talked about what she would do, and they brought in this huge x-ray machine that takes a continuous x-ray while they work so they can see what they are doing while they are doing it. Super cool (cha-ching). There were about 7 people in there during the procedure (cha-ching!) and I had to sit in the waiting room after they gave her a dose of ketamine. She thought it was pretty funny that we told her that was a horse tranquilizer. We said when she's a vet and she has to give that to a horse, she will be able to tell them she knows how it feels!

Finally, they got her arm set, they had to break the radius bone all the way through, it was broken about halfway but she broke it so it would set back together right. The ulna bone is still bent at an odd angle but she said that should straighten up while in the cast. So they put a huge plaster cast on, then had to saw it right in half since her arm was swollen, then she wrapped it in an ace bandage for now. We will go in later this week to get the hot pink cast cover on it once the swelling has gone down. And she also has this giant lego looking pillow that she has to keep her arm in to keep it up for 48 hours.

So we left Dell and went to Walgreen's to get her meds and to Taco Cabana for a late dinner and finally home at 4am. She's been resting every since. Everyone told me how sweet and polite she was, she kept telling everyone thank you for everything they did for her. She was very sweet. We had a nice long conversation, she asked how God could let this happen, and I explained to her that the devil is bad, and he wants people to blame God for everything. She told me as we were leaving the hospital, "Mom, I don't care if I break every bone in my body 1000 times, I'm still gonna serve Jesus!" That's my girl!

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