Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break

Normally I have tons of fun Spring Break posts and pictures of us going to Six Flags, or the rodeo and carnival, or something, somewhere, anywhere! But, it's been a different kind of spring break this year.

Regan is out of commission with two broken arms, Riley had to have a tooth pulled and a tooth filled on Monday.  On Wednesday, David hurt his back again, this time pretty bad and had to go to the chiropractor. He could barely move. And then yesterday he had a tooth pulled that had broken and gotten abscessed. So I've been nursemaid and entertainer. We did go see The Hobbit, which I really didn't want to see, but it's at the dollar movie and Regan had been begging us to go see it. Regan has spent a night or two with friends, and so has Riley, but other than that, we've barely left the house.

Yawn. I'm mentally making lists of things to do this summer to make up for this suckiness.

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