Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Casts!

Regan went back to school on Tuesday and came home wiped out! She was so excited to go back though, she loves school (yay!)

And I didn't realize how much of an ordeal insurance companies and referrals could be, but now I know! SO frustrating. I spent most of the week on the phone with some interesting conversations. "I need a referral" "Oh, I sent that for you last week!" "Uh, I need ANOTHER referral!" The ortho office insisted they needed two separate referrals, the pediatrician's office insisted one would do, we finally had to get the insurance company involved to say yes, one referral would be fine. It took 4 days of non stop phone calls to get that to happen. So, we finally went in for the follow up on Thursday.

They took more x-rays, everything looks good, her ulna bone is still wonky, there's a big curve in it that they say will straighten up eventually. The took her ace bandage off and she decided the purple looked best with the hot pink cast on the other arm, so now she's got a little cast-fashion going on.

There was a high school boy there in a wheelchair who had fallen asleep in the car with his feet on the dashboard and they hit a deer and the airbags went off, and he now has two broken ankles! Riley sits like that all the time so I told him he can't do that anymore!

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