Friday, March 29, 2013

New Easter Cast

Regan was very excited to finally get some changes. Her pink, short arm case was cut off and replaced by a splint for the next 3 weeks. The purple, long arm cast was removed and replaced by a cool, Easter pink and blue striped short arm cast for the next 4 weeks! X-rays looked good, new bone growth around the breaks, and she got to wash her arms in the sink with soap and water and everything! She stood there while I washed and rubbed the dead skin off. Yuck, it's amazing how nasty it gets under those casts. She's much happier now that she can move her right elbow again!

David came with us since we all had the day off for Good Friday and so we took Regan to her new favorite place for lunch, Arpeggio, a Mediterranean deli, she loved it!

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