Sunday, June 8, 2008

Riley's Heroes

David and Riley went to Freestone this weekend, they worked a race, and in return got free VIP pit passes. I'm not really sure what all they had to do to "work" the race, but the VIP passes are normally about $200 per person, so they got a great deal by getting them for free. They left at 4am Saturday morning, drove up and went straight to work. Riley called and told me about a Ninja Warrior type obstacle course they had there that Riley got to do several times and he beat just about everyone that raced against him! As long as you win, you get to go again for free, so I don't think he paid the whole weekend.

Then on Sunday, they got to watch the races, and meet a few of his "heroes," James "Bubba" Stewart, Tim Ferry and Andrew Short (who he's met several times out at ADV since he lives around here, Riley walked up to him and says "Hey, you remember me?" I guess he's not shy when it comes to the track. He got some goggles from Bubba Stewart, autographed, that haven't even been released yet, a number plate from his bike, something from Tim Ferry's bike (no idea what piece it is) and got Bubba Stewart to autograph his backpack (right next to Ricky Carmichael's autograph, not sure if Bubba appreciated that). All in all a pretty great weekend to be Riley. And these pictures are taken from Riley's new cell phone, not bad!

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