Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bailey and the Ducks

Regan and I took Bailey to the Duck Park while Riley was at gymnastics, just to see how he would do. We've never taken him around water like that, or other wild animals (other than the plethora of rabbits that regularly visit our backyard) so I wasn't too sure what to expect. It was pretty funny. He started out not too sure if he wanted to get his footsies wet, the ducks came right up to us to eat the bread we were tossing, and they weren't afraid of him at all. Then he started sniffing around and one of them hissed at him, he jumped back like, "what the heck!" But before long he was up to his tummy in the nice, clear blue water (not) and having a great time running back and forth chasing the ducks and geese. It was so cute. We'll definitely have to take him back. The worst part is he can't jump in the back of my truck, I have to lift him, so I get to grab an armful of wet, hairy dog. Ick.

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