Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bobbing for Apples/Caramel Apples

I bought a bag of apples and some caramels to melt, so we could have some fun, and I was telling the kids on the way home from school about how we were going to melt the caramel, put a stick in the apple, dip it, etc. Then for some reason we started talking about Bobbing for Apples, and I was telling them what that was, and I realized they had never done it before. So we get home and as I was putting everything away, I hear some laughter in the jungle, um, I mean, backyard, so I go out and see that the kids had grabbed my two big popcorn buckets, filled them with water, each got their own small apple, taken off their school shirt, and were going, "Ready, set, GO!" and sticking their head all the way down to grab the apple. It was so cute, so I ran to grab my camera. The only thing is, they would take a huge bite out of the apple, chew it, then toss it back in the water to go again, but that made it much easier to grab next round. But it was fun while the apple lasted.

So they came in and dried their wet heads and we started unwrapping the million pieces of caramel you need to make the caramel apples. They thought it was pretty cool when I let them eat a piece of it. Then as we got down to one caramel left for each of us, I said that we could eat just one more, so that would be two for each of us, and Regan throws it in her mouth and with her cheeks full goes, "That makes THREE for me!" Riley felt slighted, but nothing he could do about it at that point. They liked dipping the apples into the caramel, and then into the nuts, and then making a royal mess of things later when it came time to eat it. Maybe it wouldn't have been as messy if I had taken them out of the refrigerator earlier, but I forgot, and Regan went to take a bite and her teeth stuck to the apple!

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