Saturday, October 4, 2008

Regan is Funny

That's not exactly news. But she has said some funny things the past couple of days, they made me laugh.

She doesn't like the outlet mall because it's "outside". She wants to go to the mall that's the inside mall. But I told her we were going to the outlet mall and she said, "No mom, I want to go to the INLET mall!"

Then I overheard her telling one of her friends, "When you grow up, you don't want to be a Dumb Alex, you want to be a Smart Alex!" I think she totally misses the concept of the term "smart-aleck."

Today her school had a cheer camp, and the cheerleaders taught them cheers so they can help cheer at the homecoming game next week. It took her a few minutes to warm up to it, but now she's cheering all over the place. It was so cute! They even lifted her to the top of the pyramid, and she was in heaven. I think she found her calling.

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