Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Thing I'm NOT a high school teacher. Ruled that one out pretty darn quick today. I subbed for high school English, which, theoretically should be right up my alley (it was one of my favorite subjects) but either the fact that the kids thought they were going on a field trip and it got rained out, so instead they were stuck inside taking a "practice" PSAT, OR, my inherent belief that pretty much all teenagers are just evil (really, your teacher left me a list of your class rules, and NO where on this list does it say you can eat your lunch, text your friends, or believe it or not, blow your little bicycle horn while hiding it in your purse, I'm old, not stupid). Why do all of them think they can get away with murder, and use the excuse, "Oh, our teacher lets us!" So, I think I'll stick to my old rule of thumb, teach no one taller than me, which pretty much keeps me at about 5th grade.

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