Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bean

I took the kids to Texas Jumping Beans, one of our favorite places. I love going there when I have stuff to do on my computer or a really good book to read. I get some time "alone" and the kids wear themselves out! Plus, we've had Donnie with us all week, and I wanted him to have some fun before he headed back to school. He's a sweet kid, and we've had a lot of fun. They found a fake mustache and they all looked ridiculous with it on, it matched their hair color pretty good so it didn't look too fake. They had a blast with that little thing. We stayed most of the day, until it was time for R/R to go to piano lessons, then we went back for more fun until Riley had to go to gymnastics. After I cooked dinner, I took Regan and Donnie up to see the bats leave for the night. I think they're all pretty worn out from this week!

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