Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Top

Of course, no trip that far south is complete without a trip to Big Top Candy Shop! Regan got a giant Pixie-Stik, giant gumball, and Riley got fake cigarettes, super sour squirt stuff, and bacon flavored bubble gum. He also wanted these:

when he thought they were "fake" but as soon as he found out they were real, well, he still wanted them, but just one, and I made an emergency call to dad, no way was I going to actually buy bacon and cheese flavored crickets, so dad saved the day and said we would buy them, but he would have to eat ALL of them. He put them back quick!

I of course, got my usual, chocolate covered cookie dough. It's like heaven covered in goodness. It can't get any better! And the kids got lime sherbet with a cute little green gummy bear stabbed through with a green plastic sword. What a great place! I'm glad it's so far away and we can't go more often!

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