Friday, August 28, 2009

Riley's Blessed

We try to do something fun on Friday's. During school we had "Fun Family Friday" where we would meet up with dad for lunch as soon as school was out (they went half day on Friday's) and then go to a movie, or park, etc. Since we're a little more flexible on our time these days, we haven't really done the Fun Family Friday. But, we decided to have a go at Double Dave's again, one of our favorite stand-by's.

And of course, the kids start in on each other. One of Regan's biggest issues with Riley is that he had the nerve to be born first. As if they would magically get along if she were the older sibling. So we're sitting at the table and Regan, in full out, says, "Why did Riley have to get born FIRST?!" And without missing a beat, Riley pipes up, "So I could get the bigger blessing!"

David started laughing, and that probably wasn't the best response, Regan then starts crying that she's not gonna get the big blessing. But, it was pretty funny, and quick on Riley's part.

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Mackenzie said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! Isaac and Jacob. hahahah. wow.

Nisey, I'm so proud of your mothering skills, not that my sorry ass had anything to do with it. Because I certainly couldn't have known what Riley meant when I was his age. They're gonna be movers and shakers, Denise!!!!!!!
And Regan being saved and baptized on her own accord!! That's powerful and really very touching.

I love you, so. I couldn't be a happier, prouder Aunt.