Monday, August 3, 2009

Home School

Today was our official start of home school. I have been so nervous, anxious, worried, excited, etc. about today. I wanted everything to be perfect, have us on a strict schedule, and have all the curriculum laid out and in order before I even started. I guess I am a little bit OCD afterall. After talking with some friends who also home school, I realized it would be best to just jump on in with what we've got, get our feet wet, and add some things along the way, so we're not overwhelmed right off the bat.

So much for getting up early, my kids are night owls. Of course they are, they are MY children! So we didn't get the early start I wanted. We were also all still in our pj's, which I didn't want, but oh well, it's home school right, we can be flexible! We started with Devotions, I let Riley pick the devotion book and he chose the one on obedience (maybe God was speaking to him!) Then Language Arts, did spelling with both kids, some grammar, vocabulary, writing, and poetry memorization.

I haven't purchased their math curriculum yet, even though I know which one I want to order, I was unsure of the level, so I got a random sample of math workbooks at different levels, and I'm glad I did because I think Regan is right at or above her level and Riley is a little behind his level. So at least now I know where to work with them at. I also found that Regan really, really loves math, and would do it all day long (so far this is about the only difference between me and my girlie) and Riley takes more after me, and thinks math is the root of all things evil.

And my most exciting subject, history! We're starting at the very beginning with Ancients, and learning about archaeology and nomads, and we'll be working on time-lines and all kinds of fun, exciting things! And I'm hoping to take the kids down to Houston to see the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, what a great way to learn some of the history of Ancient China!

Anyway, I won't go in to too much of our home school adventures here, I did start a blog about our adventures in home schooling to kind of chart the way, and be able to look back and see what we've done, and where we came from, and help anyone else out who is like me, and brand new at this and somewhat overwhelmed. If you're interested in reading that blog, you can click here : Adventures in Home Schooling and read all about it!

So here are a couple of pics of our first day, raggedy hair, in pj's, busting out our brand new school supplies (that cost us WAY less than what we need for regular school) and our new school mascot, who LOVES being in the middle of it all!

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