Saturday, August 15, 2009

Found Cat

While we were outside checking out the nomad hut, we found the cutest, sweetest gray cat come over and just love on us. He would rub all over our legs, and even let us hold him and pet him a lot. I don't know where he came from, but he's very sweet, and looks well taken care of, no fleas, ticks, burrs, matted hair, he isn't skinny or scrawny. He must have just gotten out and gotten lost from somewhere. We got him some of Ricky's food and water and left him out front, but he cried and cried when we came in. David sat down to eat at the kitchen table and saw him in the backyard peeking in the back door. We finally felt sorry enough for him, I let him in and shut him in Riley's room, let Regan sleep on his top bunk, so they could keep an eye on him.

He did great, he plopped right down and started purring like crazy. This morning he got up and went straight to the litter box, so I know he's house trained. He is so sweet, just climbs right up on your lap and lets you love on him, SO unlike my Rick who can be a total snob most of the time. So maybe we'll switch off, find a home for Ricky and keep love kitty? Not really, but the thought did cross my mind, Ricky better mind his P's and Q's the next few days while we look for his home. I put an ad in the lost and found section of Craig's List, called Animal Control and left my name and number, in case anyone calls there looking, and we put some signs up.

But just look at him...he's adorable!!

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