Friday, July 16, 2010

Blue Hole

It was time to revisit the scene of the crime. On July 4th, whatever year I was 11 (1982 or so) I went to the Blue Hole in Georgetown with my cousins and dove in and hit my head on a rock and cracked my head open. I had to have several stitches, and vowed NEVER to return to the Blue Hole. Until today...

We went with some of our home school friends today, and while there are signs posted all over that it is "unlawful" to jump from the cliffs, that didn't stop anyone from doing it. Well, my adventure seeking kids wouldn't be held back, if there was cliff jumping to do, they wanted to do it!

There are a bunch of cliffs, Regan stuck to the smaller one, Riley headed (of course) right off to the biggest one. He got a little nervous once he got up there, and then when he did finally jump, he loved it and jumped several times. I video taped his last jump, where the force of the water nearly took his toenail off. It's hanging by a thread anyway, and it's nasty.

It was fun, I love that my kids aren't scared of anything! They had a blast, and I had fun, but was kind of freaking out over the dirty water. Everything is slippery and slimy and there's mud and silt and fish and it was kind of gross for me. I missed our pool, but was glad we went.

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