Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I know it's late, we've been crazy busy. David spent Saturday smoking meat. He smoked a brisket, a pork shoulder, some ribs, and another fatty (melted cheese, sauteed onions and potatoes wrapped in sausage, wrapped in bacon). He and Riley went to a friend's house to watch UFC and the fatty was consumed before I even had a chance to try it. Oh well, there's a reason it's nick-named "heart attack on a plate."

Sunday was our week to serve at church, so afterward, we went to the Turner's with all our meat and had dinner and let the kids play and watch fireworks outside. They were wondering why we weren't jumping up and heading out to watch them, and we tried to explain that at our age, we've seen our fair share of fireworks, and are no longer too impressed by them.

Then the next morning we met the Turner's again for movie day. The girls went to see Eclipse, the boys (and Regan) went to see The Last Airbender, and then had lunch at Chick Fil A. I took Regan to her first round of testing for dyslexia, and that is making me nervous and probably will until we get the results back, which won't be for a few weeks.

Riley's toe is doing better, the nail is still on for now, it doesn't look like it will come off, not yet anyway. I know on Saturday it was bothering him just because he walked on it a lot that day. But he's not using crutches anymore and it's stopped throbbing, so I think he'll be okay.

Not much else going on these days. Trying to stay indoors and be cool, or swim a lot. David and I are doing a marriage class one evening a week, and I am doing a women's Bible study one night a week, and he's been playing disc golf with friends, so it seems like we've got something going on every night of the week now. Which is fine by me, we all know how I love to "run the roads!"

We are planning a trip to see family this weekend, and were hoping to make it to Galveston, but saw on the news today that oil is washing up on the beach, so not sure if we'll make it to the water now. But, we'll find something else to do and we'll have fun with all the cousins!

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