Thursday, July 8, 2010

Phil's Big Top Cupcake!

We met up with our friends, the Turner's today at Phil's Ice House, even the dad's got to come and have lunch with us. They have the best burgers in town, and a playground! And it had rained most of the morning so it wasn't crowded as usual and it wasn't as hot as usual!

Then we let the dad's go back to work and we went down the street to Hey, Cupcake. Regan had a red velvet that was super yummy, and I had the new strawberry flavor. Then we went to SoCo for a true sugar rush, Big Top Candy Shop. One of the best places in Austin, hands down! We got saltwater taffy, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered cookie dough, a sucker with a scorpion inside, a giant butterfly lollipop, candy cigarettes, gummy everything, gold chocolate coins, and sour candies. I love that place, it's like walking back in time.

Then we headed to Academy to buy Riley some new cleats for football, and got home in time for the sky to open and rain was coming down sideways! The kids ran out and played football and danced in the rain, trying to work off some of that sugar I guess. It's been a great day!

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