Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girl Days!

While Riley was away at camp, Regan was really wanting to spend some quality girl time with me. I am only too happy to oblige! She had an interview first thing Monday morning with a one day school that she will be going to next year. We were both apprehensive about it, until we met 2 of the teachers, they were both super nice and they liked Regan immediately (what's not to like, right?) And she loved them because they had dogs (Whippets) that she thought were totally cool! So she will be going every Wednesday for "specials" which are art, music, speech, PE, Spanish, recess, and character building. She's very excited to make new friends and be back in a "school" type of environment, and this is a good compromise!

Riley will also be going to a Wednesday one day school, a different one, his is only for middle school, he will learn American History, Earth Science, Cartooning, MythBusters, Geocaching, and will help produce (or star in) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Back to girl time...after our interview, which was all the way in Leander, I decided to stop by my mom's grave since I hadn't been there in a long time, and Regan has often asked to see it. I know it's somewhat morbid, but she wanted her picture taken by her Nana.

Then we went to Lakeline Mall, again, we aren't that way very often anymore, and Regan tells me all the time she is tired of going to the "Outlet Mall" which is right by our house, she wants to go to the "Inlet Mall"! So we went to the Inlet Mall. She got to build a new best friend at Build A Bear. Try as I might to get her to pick out a cute, girly pink frilly bear and outfit, we usually end up with a sled dog, or like this time, a blue peace bear (?) but it's what she wanted! She named it Ali, after her cousin.

Then she wanted to ride the carousel, which I thought was a little young for her, but she just couldn't pass up a chance to ride a giraffe! His name was Checkers, and once she was on and it went a blazing .5 MPH, I think she realized it wasn't as fun as it originally looked.

And then she decided she wanted to walk the mall, and look at just about every shop. I was surprised because she didn't want to buy anything. Except a few dresses, but she asked if they were on sale first, and when I said no, she just put them right back! I couldn't believe we walked the entire mall and only bought a bear, and an ice cream!

And then of course, she sees the trampoline. She's always wanted to do it, Riley has done it before, but she's never had a chance, and please mom, oh please can I do it?! What could I say?! It was girl day, and she was having so much fun, so of course I let her! She had so much fun too. She jumped so high, tried to do some flips but couldn't quite get it. She told me afterward that it was her most favorite day ever!

Then on Tuesday I took her to see Ramona and Beezus, which she loved, and then we went to get her hair cut. It's much shorter, mainly since we swim a lot and she hates brushing all the tangles out, I thought this might be a lot easier. She loved it and said she looks like Ramona now! It's very cute, and we had a very fun couple of days together.

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