Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting Family

We've been trying to visit our family in Deer Park for a while now, but coordinating schedules takes so much work! We finally managed to carve out some time this weekend. We headed out, later than planned, which meant we got stuck in Houston traffic (after our regular going-out-of-town lunch at Southside Market). Got to their house in time for the kids to enjoy a quick swim before getting ready for bed for the evening.

My cousin Tina's husband Bennie, is a police officer, so he had fun teaching Riley some take down techniques, and Riley had fun trying to steal his gun, and begged to get tased. They also have a bunch of turtles that Riley enjoyed playing with. We had a leisurely evening just chilling and hanging out and letting the kids play around.

Then Saturday we got up and headed to Galveston Island. We rode the ferry across and back, saw a bunch of dolphins, then swam for a while on the beach. The kids played in the sand, caught a bunch of jellyfish, and buried Riley in a big hole. Then we ate dinner at a touristy seafood place, right across the street from the hotel where David and I stayed on our honeymoon, and now has extensive hurricane damage and hasn't reopened. Then we hit a souviner shop on the way home and got some cool shells.

On Sunday, we laid around the house, the kids swam in the backyard all day, and my Aunt Janis and other cousin Danny and his wife Melissa came over and we had brisket that David made before we left, played cards, had a strawberry daiquiri and passed a good time!

Then Monday we got up and got packed up and headed back to ATX. The kids were sad to leave their favorite cousins! And we were sad to be heading home, wish we had more time to spend down there. We stopped by the Blue Bell Factory so Dad could see it, but we missed the last tour and had to settle on just getting a scoop of ice cream! Made it home in time to grab Princess from Mimi and grab Riley's cleats and head right out to football practice.

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