Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never A Dull Moment!

The kids are at Camp Doublecreek this week, having the time of their lives! They love going to camp there, and I love them being there! They come home so tired and happy. Well, last night I sent Riley up for his bath around 9, and he tried to open the blinds a little bit, and the whole thing fell and landed on his toe. I heard him scream immediately, "CALL 911!" and Regan and I ran upstairs, and I saw blood all over the bathroom floor, his toe was cut open, and he's standing there screaming. So I grabbed a towel, wrapped his foot, helped him back into his shorts, and nearly had to slap Regan to get her to stop screaming (she thought his whole toe had been cut off) and we rushed out the door to the ER. Called David who was on his way home from church so he just met us there.

It was a crazy night for the ER they said, normally a Wednesday evening is pretty tame but they were pretty busy, so we did have a bit of a wait (even with our insurance VIP card). But they finally got Riley back, and asked if he wanted a shot to numb his toe so they could clean it out. He wasn't sure, but David and I talked him into it, thinking a little shot like he got at his last doctor appointment, but turned out to be much more traumatic. They had a male nurse hold him down while he screamed bloody murder, "Mom, make it stop!" I felt horrible, but as soon as it was done, his toe was numb and they got it cleaned up pretty quick.

They took X-rays to make sure the toe bone wasn't shattered (it wasn't) and then the doctor said it was too close to the nail to stitch, but he wanted to make a hole in his toenail to relieve the pressure. So he used a hot cautering tool, and it was pretty gross, but as soon as he finished, a lot of blood oozed out, so I know that had to feel better. Then they wrapped his toe in gauze like a giant mushroom cap and sent us home. He is now on crutches, has to keep his foot dry for a few days and he will more than likely lose his nail, but for now it's all good.

Today was the big paintball tournament at camp and I know he's bummed about missing that, but knowing him he is going to push it to the limits and will be back up and running in no time.

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