Monday, July 15, 2013

Arkansas Trip Day 1-2

Well, Regan and I are off on our Girl Scout cookie reward adventure! First we met at our leaders house and drove to Tyler where we stayed in a hotel for the night. Trista and Chris and Aunt Kathy met us there to take Elise for the week. The hotel was nice and big! We each has a suite with 2 bedrooms, for 2 moms and 4 girls. Once we got checked in, we hit the indoor pool and ordered pizza and sat outside and enjoyed the cold front and rain that had come through.

We had Mazzio's pizza, talk about a blast from the past! Then we went to our rooms to make lunches for the next day and get showered. Regan was sound asleep by 9:00 and the other girls weren't far behind! 

Then today we got up and had the free hotel breakfast and loaded the uhaul and hit tithe road. We stopped in Mt. Pleasant for a rainy picnic and then stopped at the Arkansas state line for pics and potty. Then we finally made it to Hot Springs around 5. 

I went with 2 other moms to Walmart for food for 19 people for 5 days (3 shopping carts full!) and came back to hot dogs and a massage. I'll need another one after a week of sleeping on an air mattress on a concrete floor!

We are staying at the Girl Scout house, called Radford House. It's not too bad and has a nice new kitchen/bathroom facility. Tomorrow we are off to dig for diamonds! Wish us luck!


And you can see, Elise is doing just fine without me. 

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