Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Digging for Diamonds

Today was a super busy day! We got up early, had cereal, and loaded up to hit the road for the 1 1/2 hour trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park. We checked in, got the scoop on how bad what to look for, and hit the dirt. Krista and I headed straight for he shade, it was nice there, but after about 2 hours if digging with nothing to show for it, I was done! Another mom and I took the girls that were also done and we went to the evaluation area to see what we found. 

Regan found some lamproite, all I found was jasper, nothing of any real value! By that time we were hot and sweaty and ready to hit the diamond water park! 

We swam in the frigid water and waited for the rest if our group, they were much more dedicated to he digging than we were! They finally met up with us and swam for a bit and then we took the girls in shifts to the gift shop. Regan got a pretty crystal necklace and I loaded up on souvenirs for the boys. 

Took some pictures of the girls, and then decided we would get back to Radford House way too late to cook the lasagna, so we stopped at Sonic for half price burgers!  

Got home in time for showers and snacks and to get our lunches ready for tomorrow. Been a long day and we are all exhausted! Tomorrow is Garvin Gardens, supposed to be very pretty. 

Here are some pics of the day, I will upload all of hem when I get home but this is the highlight reel :)

When we were leaving the diamond park, Regan stepped in a sink hole and lost her shoe! She ended up covered in mud and had no cover up for her bathing suit, so I let her use mine and she had an ice cream cone and it dripped all down my shirt that I had to wear the rest of the day! I looked awesome. Oh, and the 5 girls that are assigned to my car have dubbed me the fun mom and my car is the fun car! I love it :)

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