Saturday, July 20, 2013

Magic Springs and Crystal Falls

I just want to say up front, I am laying on an air mattress after a long hard day and using my iPhone and blogger app to update the blog, so there are a lot of typos that don't normally slip by me! I notice a lot of has instead of had! Rest assured, I have not completely lost my grasp of the English language!

Now, with that said, today was another fun, packed, hot, adventure filled day! We stayed up late last night playing games and rubbing feet. Today we slept in, made breakfast tacos, hoisted Amie's bra to the top of the flag pole, you know, typical stuff! (Yesterday at Willow Springs, when Amie changed clothes, she dropped her bra on the way back to the table and none of the girls grabbed it cause they didn't want to touch a bra!) 

Our leader, Karen, got dehydrated and dizzy and threw up this morning so we left her here to rest. The rest of us headed out to Magic Springs, it's like Six Flags. We got there shortly after they opened and stayed till way after closing! 

When we go to the park, we decided to split up so we didn't have to keep track of so many people at once.  So we thought we would split people based on who wanted to ride what rides. I said I would ride anything so I had the crazy girls that wanted to ride it all! And we did! They had some good rides there, not as many or as big as Six Flags, but it was fun. It was built into a hill so my calves are burning tonight! Holy cow we did a lot of up and down walking! 

Around 2 we headed over for a late lunch and just in time! A storm came through and closed everything so everyone decided to come eat too. After we were done eating, the storm had passed and the rides were opening and it was a out 20 degrees cooler with no hot sun!  It was nice then. And people had left the park so it was way less crowded!

Me and my girls; Sydney, Caitlin and Regan, rode a few more rides and then headed to the water park. We got changed and the girls hit the slides, I hit the lazy river. The other groups started joining us and the girls rode the slides until another storm started coming through and they started closing the water park, but only a little early. 

After that, we went to ride a few more rides and shop in the gift shop and get a funnel cake (can't go to a theme park without getting a funnel cake!!) and then it was time to had home, eat some leftovers, start packing and cleaning for the long trip tomorrow!  

We have early reservations for breakfast tomorrow and then we hit the road for home. Hoping I can talk them in for one more pit stop to the Soapery, I am loving my cupcake scrub and already want more of it!

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