Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garvan Woodland Gardens and more!

Whew, what a day! We started off with a 9am your at Garvan Gardens. That place was gorgeous and hot and humid. We took a hiking trail through the park and stopped along the way to see the Asian and European gardens and bonsai trees and feed the koi and play in the children's garden area. That was fun, there were big rocks and waterfalls for the kids to crawl over and play in. I even took my socks and shoes off and cooled my feet! 

Then we made our way to the chapel they have there and wow, it was amazing! The girls all decided they want to get married there!  There is a bell tower right outside that rang on the hour and it was beautiful. The acoustics in the chapel were awesome so we video taped the girls singing the Girl Scout song. 

Then we had a picnic lunch while I ducked out for a conference call, a permanency conference for Elise. The girls ate, then hit up the gift shop. 

After the gardens, it was time to head to downtown Hot Springs for a tour of bathhouse row and some souvenir shopping. We bought water jugs and filled them at the public fountain, stopped at a local hotel for a soda break, and walked all over the HOT place!

Found a cute soap store and bought way too much fancy soaps and scrubs, some of my favorite things! Then we headed back to Radford House for a quick dinner  if lasagna and salad. 

Then we went on a haunted walking tour (as if we hadn't walked enough already!) the girls ate that up, especially hearing about all the ghosts that were supposedly in the hotel and shops we had just been to! 

Got home super late and the girls are wired, still dancing around the room at almost midnight! Time to go crack the whip!

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