Thursday, July 18, 2013

Heifer Village and Willow Springs

We has another busy fun day today! We got to sleep in some, so that was nice, and headed off to Little Rock around 10. We had a tour scheduled at Heifer International. I had no idea what Heifer was about but it was a really neat place.

They are a non-profit that provides animals to people in other countries. They provide a pregnant heifer to a family and teach them how to care for it and they promise to "pass the gift" by giving the baby away to another family in need when it's old enough. 

Our guide had the girls come up and demonstrate the 7 things these animals provide for families, and they are: meat, milk, manure, motivation, money, materials and muscles! So these families are able to use the milk from the cow to feed their families and sell the extra to send their kids to school, or use them to help plow fields. 

After explaining their organization and explaining it for the kids and showing us all around the exhibit area, they gave us a tour of the big green building. It is he headquarters of Heifer Int'l and was built with local, green materials. It was a nice building and the landscaping was very pretty. 

Hen we had a gourmet box lunch and hit the gift shop, hard! The girls used $120 of their cookie money to buy a pig! We gave them the catalog and let them pick and that's what they chose!

Then we loaded up and headed to a swimming hole called Willow Springs. It was so neat! It is a big spring fed pond that had a huge water slide dug into the side of a hill, water slides, water trampoline, and log rollers. The bad thing was, once we got changed and in the water, a storm blew in and we had to get out. We had about 30 good minutes in the water. We tried to wait it out but that storm wasn't going anywhere so they said they would give us our money back. 

So we headed back to Radford House for frito pie and oven s'mores. Then we just showered, cleaned up some and worked on a plan B for tomorrow in case it rains more. The girls are wanting more spending money so they are offering the moms foot rubs for $1! Best money spent on this trip :)

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