Sunday, July 21, 2013

The epic drive home!

Well, we got up super early on Saturday, earlier than expected when a girl got sick at 4am and Krista got up to get medicine and Karen heard and thought it was time to get up and so she unplugged her air mattress! I heard her in the bathroom with the loud air pump trying to reinflate it!

But then we got up at 6 and started getting the girls up to pack and clean. One thing about staying at a Girl Scout house on the cheap, lots of clean up afterward! 

We had a reservation at an old timey pancake place in Hot Springs at 8, so we were booking it! While we waited for our food at the Pancake Shop (I called it the Kerbey Lane of Hot Springs) we went next door for more souvenir shopping. I got David some of his favorite McClure's pickles and relish, and some creole mustard, spinach and feta dip mixes. Yum-o. The pancakes were pretty good and the girls enjoyed sitting at he old fashioned breakfast bar. 

Krista bought all the mom's a shirt that said "Fatigued Mom" at a shop this week, so we all wore them home and figured it was very appropriate after our week! But it was fun bearing all the people asking us about our shirts "Are you a support group?" "do y'all all have kids in the military?" Different kind of troops :) 

Then one last stop at a shop, the Mountain Valley Spring Water Bottling Company. They have the best water! We all bought water and I found some that are labeled New Orleans Saints for souvenirs! 

Then one MORE last stop, at the public water fountain to fill our now empty jugs for free and bring home some water!  Seemed weird to be bringing home souvenirs of water!

Then we loaded up, gassed up, grabbed some Red Box movies and really hit the road around 11. We has to stop and drop Amaree off with her uncle just inside of Texas, then stop for a picnic lunch, then a bathroom break, then gas break, and then a horrible wreck had 35 shut down and we were stuck there for about an hour. Then we needed another bathroom break and decided to get dinner for the girls while we were at it since it was so late already. Then a horrible storm and rain so hard I could barely see out of the window. It was so frustrating because we all just wanted to be home! We didn't get home until after 10.  

We unloaded the U Haul at Karen's in record time and rushed home where David had cooked us a steak and potatoes! Riley left for Petty Officer Leadership Academy the night before, so I just missed seeing him. Then it was time  to do laundry and get Regan packed for church camp... 

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