Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alamo Invitational

Today was the 2nd meet for the traveling gymnastics team, and it wasn't too far, just to San Antonio, so that was a plus. We also had time to make the early service at church which was awesome cause Pastor Joe and Lori tag-teamed the message and they are hilarious. Then we grabbed a quick bite with Mimi and Papa and headed to the Alamo city. Thankfully Regan got to spend the day with Mimi and Papa cause I don't think she could have handled it there, David and I barely could!

It was long, crowded, hot (until the cold front blew in, then it was COLD) and stinky. The chairs were uncomfortable and there was no good spot to watch anything or get good pictures of anything. I didn't take many pictures at all, and wouldn't you know, Riley ended up medaling in 5 out of the 6 events! He didn't medal in floor, which isn't his favorite anyway, and there were a few areas where I think they scored him wrong. He did an awesome rings and parallel bar routine and for some reason got a lower score than some kids who did much worse. Who know about these gymnastics judges though, even at the Olympics I see people that I think got robbed, it's just much more personal when it's MY son out there! I was proud of him, he hardly slept the night before, he didn't feel well, he and I were both up at 5:30am, he told me to give him medicine so he could get out there and win a gold medal! He has such dedication.

And then I felt bad cause it was about a 6 hour competition and I forgot to pack him a snack, and he was starving when we left, and it was Valentine's night and there was no where on earth to eat without a super long wait, so we ended up at Taco Cabana where it took them about 30 minutes to fix our food. We were ravenous at that point. And by the time we got home, we were exhausted and Regan started in with an ear infection. It was most definitely a long, tiring, but satisfying day.

The photo of him on the rings is one we bought at the event, and this is the only video I got of him, on the high bar.

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