Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Believe it or not, we got SNOW! It started out slow and just a few flurries here and there, and then it started to stick, and school was done for the day at that point! Riley put on 3 pair of pants, 3 shirts, his heavy coat, and my gloves and headed out to make a snow angel:

Although there wasn't quite enough for that yet! Regan is much more hot natured than Riley, and refused to put on her winter coat, instead opting for a small jacket and we had a fight over her wearing flip flops! That girl was too excited to take the time to get anything warm on! But finally, we went out, we played around, watched it fall, catching some on our tongue:

Then we started working on our snow man! The trampoline had a ton of snow, and the kids scraped it together, then worked on rolling a ball of snow around (oddly enough, I had seen that in movies and never knew it really worked that way) but sure enough, you roll the ball of snow around and it picks up a lot more snow!

And finally, Riley stole one of my yummy tomatoes to make the nose, and used his hat and glasses to finish off the gangsta-snow dude. Regan didn't last as long as Riley, but he stayed out ALL day long, making a snow fort and throwing snowballs at David and just enjoying it. The schools around here didn't close early for the snow so we were really happy that we were home schooling and could get out and enjoy it, since snow like this is so rare here!

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