Friday, February 19, 2010

Innerspace Caverns


OK, confession time. I've lived down the road from Innerspace Caverns for over 27 years now, and have never been! It's one of those things that I always think, "One of these days, we should go there!" Well, on one of my many home school lists that I belong to, I got an email saying someone was organizing a field trip to Innerspace Caverns, at a discounted price even, so of course, I could no longer put it off. I had heard that it paled in comparison to Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio, and I have been there many times, so I wasn't expecting a lot, mainly for the kids to be slightly entertained for an hour, and learn some small amount of something science related.

I was surprised though. It was smaller than Natural Bridge, but easier to navigate, and equally majestic. Our guide was awesome, good at keeping the kids in check and had a lot of knowledge that he passed on right at their age level. They were enthralled and he even let Regan do a little tap dance with her light-up shoes to lead the way at one dark spot! She loved it, all that attention! And of course, we hit up the gift shop and they each got a necklace with some shiny rock attached, and Regan got her very first ever mood ring, (like we've ever had to wonder what mood she was in!) and Riley got some cool magnet rocks.

It might be another 27 years before I make it there again, but I was happy with the trip and the kids had a great time. That's what counts.

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