Friday, February 12, 2010

New Family Member!

One of Regan's favorite things to do on my computer is look at the animal shelter web pages and take pictures of all the animals with my camera. I don't know why she needs pictures of them, but she does. She then tells me which dogs she wants us to go and rescue for her. It hasn't happened yet, but a girl can dream, right?

So the other day we saw some cute kittens online and David said go get one. It took me a minute, then I realized he was serious so we started looking around at the animal shelters around here. We went to Georgetown and found little Monte, he's so tiny for being 10 months old, but he's the sweetest, cutest thing! The kids fell in love with him almost instantly, we brought an application home to think about it, sent it in the next day and they called within hours to say we had been approved. So far, he's super lovey, loves to cuddle, and is deathly afraid of Bailey, who could care less that there's a cat around.

He spent the night going back and forth between Riley and Regan's bed, which is what we wanted, and right now they are laying on the bed, cuddling, all 3 of them! Maybe Monte will help them get along? Maybe? Like I said before, a girl can dream!

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Mackenzie said...

YAY!! He's adorable. Can't wait to meet that cat. =D