Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Therapy Dogs

I belong to about a million home school email groups right now, so we are constantly being invited to do fun and interesting things that may or may not be considered educational. But this one, I just couldn't pass up. They needed kids to help them train therapy dogs. These are dogs that go visit sick kids in hospitals, or go to nursing homes, and they even go to schools to "read" to kids. So they needed kids to come and just be kids around the dogs. The kids got to eat snacks and yell at each other and even read to the dogs. Regan was in heaven! She loved on every dog there and had a great time. They do this class about every 6 weeks, so we signed up to do it again. They had some amazing dogs there and now they want to sign Bailey up to take the classes too! Not sure we're ready to add something like that to our plate right now.

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